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01278 276 002

Whether you prefer the quiet carriage on the train or a ground floor hotel room, you only need to tell us once and we can ensure all future trips meet this requirements. If you have a different requirements depending on whether you are travelling for business of pleasure, perhaps different budgets or hotel ratings, no problem! We can save all this data securely so that we get every journey right first time, every time!

About Our Travel Services


We can present you with a range of options depending on your specific preferences (not just the ones that are available to select from a drop down box on a website). This means that every trip will always meet your specific requirements and all without having to spend hours inputting your preferences into travel sites.

Stress Free

Do you ever find yourself having to make travel plans frequently? or perhaps due to the nature of your business, plans change at the last minute a lot? Save time and stress and just give us a call at Velox VA. Once we have your details securely saved we can complete your travel bookings for you within minutes so you can focus on preparing for that last minute meeting that has just come up.

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Thinking of taking a trip, why not try our services and let us arrange your trip this time?