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Velox VA offers both inbound and outbound telephony services to meet your needs.

At Velox VA we are passionate about the overall customer experience. We specialise in providing a range of professional customer service solutions to delight you and your customers. From Inbound Customer Renewals to Outbound sales or Database cleansing, we are here to help.

Velox VA provides a limited number of personalised call answering service accounts. We do this to ensure your customers receive the highest standards of customer service at all times. Velox VA also provides Appointment reminder calls, Liaising with tradesmen or suppliers services in all packages available.

Our monthly retention package also includes:

- Outbound Sales, Follow-Up Calls, Credit Control, Customer Resesarch, Diary Management
- A Virtual Number
- Call Tracking Analysis


If the service you require is not detailed above, please contact us as we can tailor packages to meet your requirements.

Benefits of our Customer Service

Holiday Cover

Do you ever imagine going on holiday knowing that there was someone looking after your existing customers and filling your diary with new ones for you whilst you were away?... our inbound/outbound customer service and sales service will ensure that you can relax on the beach knowing your existing customers are being retained and potential ones are not missed!

Managed Calls

Don't get frustrated chasing late paying customers only to be met with answer phones and voice mails. Our virtual assistants can complete outbound calls at differing times of the day to optimise contact being made. We can make notes on calls made so that you are kept up to date with our results - whether that be daily, weekly or monthly. Velox VA can take the stress out of credit control for you.

Virtual Numbers

Virtual number Services - When your customer calls your virtual number (or we dial from it) the call goes through a seamless transition from the virtual number out to your chosen phone, whether that’s a phone in your offices or ours. This allows Velox VA to greet your customers with your preferred professional call opening/guide as though we were sat right in your office. There is no need for you to have extra telephone lines or work completed on your property for our Virtual Number service.

Number Tracking

Do you know how effective your marketing campaigns are? We can arrange for use of a specific phone number for a particular campaign and find out how many people actually respond. You don't need to waste valuable time creating spreadsheets or counting numbers, we can provide you with regular reporting on your campaigns.

Customer Research

Are you keen to develop your customer service strategy but find the budget is stretched? Our Customer research and Outbound sales service will help you do just that and without having the additional cost of any extra staffing costs, you only pay for the time it takes to complete your tasks.

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