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About Me

Tessa Pearce

I am passionate about all aspects of customer service and am extremely results driven. I am quick to learn new processes and procedures, so that I can add value to your business from the outset.

With over 15 years of work experience within small, medium and large contact centre environments, I have built a significant and diverse range of skills. For example, at Bank of Ireland UK I developed a training programme for my sales team to improve their overall knowledge and performance in customer service skills. This supported my team in consistently being the highest scoring team (over 6 months) during monthly observations by the Quality and Assurance team for Service and Sales scores. For Contact Associates, I project managed the design, implementation and development of a new internal online CRM system, which delivered significant business enhancements and the ability to effectively manage a 30% increase in annual business levels without the company incurring additional resource costs.

My previous roles have predominantly been focused on the management and development of customer service and sales telephony teams. These roles have all included project management/support, sales and service process development, diary management, and account management as part of the day to day activity. I have had to draw on all of these skills whilst setting up Velox VA this year.

As someone who has a passion for management, organisation, planning, and in the provision of top-quality customer service, I am confident that by delegating certain tasks you can not only save yourself time but also improve your bottom line.

If you would like to explore how Velox VA can help you or would like to discuss trialling our services please give me a call on 07912 506656 or email me at


I worked with Tessa as a Disability Assessor. She was key to the success of the business and managed to combine effective management with great customer care in a supportive and caring working environment. As an Assessor her skills were vital in ensuring that and I and other Assessors could carry out our assessments in the most suitable manner using adequate and appropriate resources. I found Tessa to be knowledgable, wise: and always willingto help. Dealing with people, and their parents, who have a wide range of disabilities requires ghreat skill, being able to remain compassionate, while still respecting the needs of the business and the funding body's policiesand procedures. I found that Tessa has a keen eye for detail and a talent for both organisation and making improvements to working practices. Tessa is the sort of person that thinks things through and learns from her experienceand I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Dave Perkins
Independent Technology Consultant

"Tessa is a very focused individual with a keen eye for detail. Her time management skills ensure that her team receive maximum support from her and always resulted in excellent service for her customers. She is always ready to help and support others in the team and pass on her own knowledge and experience.

Sarah Brogdale
(previously Quality & Assurance Office at Bank of Ireland UK)